Dr.Mo Geddawi

Dr.Mo Geddawi


Dr .Mo Geddawi is a master teacher,chorographer and founder of the Hathor Dance Troupe of Berlin.

A true Renaissancer man,ha was co-founder of the legendary Reda Dance Troupe as wellas the Company’s lead male dancer.Along with Mahamoud Reda and Farida Fahmy,he Performed before kings and head of states throughout the world.

He took part ingroundbreaking research on music and dance in Egypt.He has the knowledge of the “contemporary”Egyptian dance style and its methodology. Dr. Mo Geddawi grew up enamored with the classic dancing stars of Egypt’s Golden Age such as TAHIA CARIOCA and SAMIA Gamal………. and became their personal friend.

Mo foundet the Hathor Dance Troupe in 1986 in Berlin.He produced many oriental and folklore dance shows in serveral theatres in Berlin and other European cities.He has created Choreographies for many prominent companies,solo dancers,feature films and TVs.

As a teacher,he is encouraging,charming,unpretenttious and patient with all levels of students and his choreographies have that polished style and flair that say EGYPTIAN.






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