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Bellydance Superstars: Volume 6

The Bellydance Superstars takes great pride in choosing the best of the best music available from around the world. The stylistic influences on this sixth CD in the series is quite varied. Vol. 6 features some of the biggest Middle Eastern music stars such as Amir Sofi, Ameina and Roger Abboud, as well as the hottest fusions from artists such as Beats Antique, Cairo Cairo and Galactic Caravan. Dance, Listen, Enjoy!


Tracklist :

01. Issam Houshan & Galactic Caravan "The 8th Gate”

02. Manar “Aiwa Ah”

03. Roger Abboud “Sawah”

04. Saad “Salaam Alaikoum”

05. Cairo Cairo “El Sokary”

06. Elie Attieh “Déjà vu”

07. Ameina “Netgawez”

08. Ahmed Bergaoui “Tribute to Um Kouthoum”

09. Clarence Jey “River Energy Groove”

10. Issam Houshan “Baladi Accordion”

11. Ahmed Qawala “Raqs Nay”

12. Amir Sofi “Isis”

13. Beats Antique “Escape”

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