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Ali Baba Kabalan was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, (1st March) 1964. He grew up in a music lover family. Already as a child has been interested for the music. At the age of 7 years he bought from his pocket money a small Tabla (Arabian drum). On her he practiced and appeared at numerous family parties with it. As a 10-year-old he acquired a small accordion. Also on this he taught himself the plays on it. His parents discovered quite early his musical talent and promoted him. They Encouraged him to visit a private music institute in Tripoli.

- In 1974 - started his learning in Music.

- In 1978 - he played in a group of pioneers in tripoli (saxophone).

- In 1979 - he established his first Band in Lebanon.

- In 1981 - coming to Germany to Germany.

- In 1983 - he established his first Band in Germany, " Oriental Nights ".

- In 1984 - he took private lessons for Accordion .

- In 1986 - Afterwards, taught himself playing on the Nay (flute). Because his owned musical knowledge allowed him to play of several music instruments. he could teach himself making music on the ( Qanoun ) himself. It became his favourite instrument, on he attained a big virtuosity

- In 1986 followed the established for the Successful Band "Habibi", it was one of the most successful oriental Bands of that time in Germany.

- In 1999 - he played together with the jazz saxophonist Dirk Engelhardt and established the arabic/oriental Band " Radio Marrakesh ", and made with him the oriental jazz music CD.

His new CD - Oriental Dance ("modern classics & special oriental") - was published in November 2011


Trackliste :

01. Jinan --Her Beauty Makes Crazy (5:12)

02. Ali Baba -- Ali Baba (4:58)

03. Beshwesh -- Take Care About Me (4:25)

04. El Hawa Sawa -- Share Love With Me (4:15)

05. Mafish Gherak -- You Are My Lonly Love (7:40)

06. Holm Hayati -- My Dream Life (9:31)

07. Habibi ya Balash --  Either Habibi Or No (6:54)

08. Emta Inta Habibi -- When Will You Be Habibi (5:40)

09. Mizmar Ali Baba -- Saidi Dance (3:24)

10. Sa ayeen -- Don’t Play with My Feelings (4:46)


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