Ava Flemming - Dynamic Combinations - Traveling in Style

Ava Flemming - Dynamic Combinations - Traveling in Style

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with Ava Fleming


It was once said of a great belly dancer that she could dance in the space of a single tile. But with today's big stages and exciting music, sometimes you just have to get off the tile and move!

In this video, Ava Fleming teaches you how to Travel in Style! Starting with grand entrances to immediately grab your audience, she shows you how to move from Point A to Point B using exciting and fun traveling combinations. Ava breaks down and demonstrates each movement, completely explaining the technique and transitions, including weight changes and correct posture with an emphasis on safe movement. She also includes variations and tips on styling.

Combinations include:

* Super Dancer with Spice
* Funky Figure Eights
* Stomach Pops
* Quick Change
* Funky Hip Twist
* Sassy Hips
* 3/4 Camel Combination
* And Much More!

The video concludes with a spectacular performance by Ava!

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