Neon - Party Girl

Neon - Party Girl

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Neon's Party Girl is a sexy, flirty, and vibrant belly dance drum solo choreography designed for absolute beginners.

This instructional video includes detailed explanation and demonstration of classic belly dance steps from all groups of the belly dance vocabulary and teaches how to weave them together into attractive combinations.

The practice section features a beat counter, helpful in learning dance rhythm and timing.  If you are not familiar with standard belly dance terminology, you will see the names of each step and transition displayed on screen.

Neon introduces each move step-by-step and places each one in the context of a dance combination, so that from the very beginning you learn how to combine dance steps and how combinations express rhythms.

As you are learning and practicing dance steps, Neon also teaches the count. Counting is a simple but essential skill that will help you learn proper pacing and performance of dance moves in a way that accentuates the structure of Arabic rhythms.  As you follow Neon in the  practice section, you can check your timing against the beat counter onscreen to learn the optimal ways of placing accents and transitions.

Drum rhythms underlie most types of bellydance music, so knowing how to move with them and how to accentuate them is key to developing your musicality as a dancer.

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