Darshan - Temple Priestess(Belly Dance Choreography)

Darshan - Temple Priestess(Belly Dance Choreography)

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Darshan's 'Temple Priestess' choreography conjures up an evocative archetypal image of mystery and ritual: Story-telling through belly dance. The program contains step-by-step breakdown of choreography, practice with music for every belly dance combination and a full theater performance in costume.
The choreography you will learn includes moves with the belly dance veil.
Darshan demonstrates creating a sacred space for your dance, the value of dance as a personal ritual, and more.
Music: 'Mahtab1,' 'Mahtab 2,' 'Mahtab 3,' by Solace.

Darshan's performance
The Temple Priestess story
Darshan's personal ritual
Preparing your own ritual
Structuring the TEMPLE PRIESTESS choreography
Choreography demonstration
Choreography step-by-step

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