Sayed Balaha - Layalina Al Halwa

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Sweet nights with Egyptian dance music

Sayed Balaha’s newest production „Layalina Al Halwa“ is a ultimate combination of 13 new Bellydance-Compositions with lyrics and Instruments.
It’s a special Collection with a unique selection (Baladi, Saidi, Solo Tabla Dance-Routine) of tracks filled with passion and wonderful, swinging Bellydance-Songs and instrumental music tracks, mixed with astounding Tabla- und Percussionssolo-Tracks.
For the first time „Tarek Bitar“ joins one of Sayed Balaha’s CD. One of the most popular Vocalist and Oud-Player in Germany.
His voice and his Oud combined with the Tabla of Sayed Balaha will get every dancers Attention.



01.  Koly Amalk Ayh                (Vocals - Tarek Bitar)

02.  Suhana Al Dalloa               

03.  Al Fnon                 

04.  Layalina Al Halwa           

05.  Ayz Tnsany                       (Vocals & Oud – Tarek Bitar)

06.  Shaabi Al Sayda             

07.  Al Bark                  

08.  Al Amira Suhana                  

09.  Askandaranya                      

10.  Al Ad Alshwok                  (Vocals & Oud – Tarek Bitar)

11.  Al Asfaa                    

12.  Al Farah                      

13.  Matsbarnish                     (Vocals & Oud – Tarek Bitar)






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