Said El Amir - Get Ready to Dance Vol.3

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Warm –up DVD for Bellydance Level  0-3 & 4-7

Middle Eastern Dance is an art form which requires as well skills as an intact locomotor system. This warm –up was developed to train the needed techniques and to optimally prepare the body for the quite sporty burdens that can be expected in classes and private trainings. As Said is graduated in Zam.Zertifikat Tanzmedizin (certificate for Dance Medicine) he incorporated his large knowledge of dance medicine in this almost 15 minutes lasting  warm-up. In a healthy way, the body will become familiar with necessary techniques and will be prepared for the demands of Middle Eastern Dance


Content :

* Gelenke-Warm-up /  Joints Warm-up

* Cardio-Training * Roll-down

* Füße-Training / Feet Training

* Port de Bras & Pliés

* Dreh-Training / Turn Training * Stretch

* Bauchmuskel-Training / Abdominals

* Empfehlungen /  Recommendations


Information :

Music on DVD from Sayed Balaha‘s „ El Prince“

Running time :  70 minutes

Picture Size : 16:9

Languages : Deutsch / Englisch


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