Farhad Bazleh was born in Sarpol-e-Zahab, Dalahoo / Iran and is also known as “Shah Farhad” (King Farhad), deriving from the ancient Kurdish legend of “Shirin and Farhad” and the mountain Bistoon near the beautiful city of Kermanshah, where he grew up.
His extraordinary talent in the field of music which he inherited from his artistic family amazed even the greatest masters who admired him especially for his virtuosity on the Tanboor.
Despite his unique giftedness and potential there were many difficulties to overcome as a young musician in order to rally support for launching any of his early works as a musician and singer.

After many years of hard efforts and perseverance success finally knocked on his door and enabled him to launch his international debut album “PALASH” (First Step).
After the release of this first album Farhad Bazleh continued his song-writing, developed new ideas and realized them by engaging internationally acclaimed artists as well as the renown producer Fehiman Ugurdemir who continues his co-operation to the present day.
The result of these endeavours is the magnificent cross-genre album “MILKAN” (Father’s home) which blends together a fusion of Persian and Kurdish music and has recently been awarded by Deutsche Popstiftung (German Pop Music Foundation) as “Best Contemporary World Music Album”.
Additionally he was honored with the “Big Apple Music Awards 2015” in the category of “Best Kurdish Artist”. As a singer he has been awarded by the 33rd German Rock and Pop Award 2015 - top 3 in the category: “Best Alternative Singer” and was nominated for the “German Singer Award”.
His latest album “MAVA” represents his current fascinating creations and features a unique selection of new Persian and Kurdish songs.
In the run up to the release of this new album he has been awarded as “Best Male Kurdish ACT” on  occoasion of the DAF BAMA Music Awards in Hamburg/Germany 2016.




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Farhad Bazleh - Mava (2016)

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Farhad Bazleh - Milkan(2014)

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