Tanna Valentine - Silk - The Bellydance Veil Workout

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Created by New York City-based star of classic bellydance, Tanna Valentine, "Silk - The Bellydance Veil Workout" is an open-level fitness, dance instruction, and dance practice program, focusing on the genre of veil dance. Whether you are a dance beginner or an advanced dancer, Tanna’s beautifully choreographed dance flow and clear, precise instruction are amazing tools to learn veil dancing or polish your veil dance technique to perfection. With rich, evocative music and a comprehensive array of veil dance steps and tricks, the Silk Workout will quickly have veil moves ingrained in your muscle memory while offering you a relaxing and uplifting dance experience perfect for regular practice.

A bellydance veil is a three-to-four-yards-long piece of fabric used to add lyrical, dreamy, and mysterious flavor to a bellydance performance. All movements can also be performed with any light-weight piece of fabric, such as a scarf or a wrap most of us will already have in our closet.
Veil dance relies extensively on a graceful body line, full-body movement, and elegant arm trajectories. It’s one of the best ways to enrich your body awareness with the sense of graceful posture and muscle elongation. If you happen to have postural issues in dance or everyday life, veil dance is a tool that will help you fix them. It is also one of the most iconic genres of classic bellydance, much beloved by audiences worldwide: The Orientalist fantasy of a mysterious veiled beloved, the elusive vision of seductive eyes behind the veil, the dream of forbidden love...all these alluring images are deeply rooted in the history of modern bellydance.
Tanna Valentine’s program includes::
- a 40-minute all-veil workout / dance flow-practice (with voice cues and music-only options)
- a 70-minute Tutorial section breaking down every veil move/trick used in the dance flow
- an introduction to veil - all about sizes and types of fabric used for veil dance
- performances by Tanna Valentine, Gisele, and Yoshina (veil, fan veils, feather fan).
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