Neon - Belly Dance Party

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Hot belly dance combinations for club and party dancing. First dance instruction DVD to offer concurrent head-on and from-the-back images of the instructor during practice.

Cool, sexy dance combinations can be learned separately or as a club-ready belly dance routine that is also a graceful aerobic workout. Take 10 lessons step-by-step, or just follow Neon in full-length practice sessions: choose from 3 tempos! Animated graphic rendering of dance moves helps you understand the steps, and explains how to teach them to your friends at a party.

If you are not yet familiar with belly dance, this program will introduce you to the belly dance vocabulary. It is also a great mini exercise routine. Belly dance will increase the flexibility of your body and enhance your natural grace in movement both on and off the dancefloor. Try it and see for yourself: Belly dance is a whole aesthetic system that can change your life in most amazing ways.

Planning a party with bellydancing? First learn a few of these combinations - the ones you like best - with a couple of your friends. Then perform them at the party and teach the whole gang. Hold a belly dancing contest. It's OK if you win because, hey: It's your party!

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