Ibrahim El Minyawi & Sohn - Daqat il Qalb

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Ibrahim El Minyawi & Ali El Minyawi

The Egyptian master percussionist Ibrahim El Minyawi presents mesmerizing improvisations and variations on traditional Egyptian rythms. In his fine playing he develops his music from the simple to the complex, from the traditional to the innovative, in a never ending source of inspiration. Ibrahim El Minyawi reaches a level of perfection and virtuosity on the Egyptian Tablah never recorded before.

Virtuoso tablah play - traditional Egyptian rhythms - essential for dance - recorded in Zurich in 2000

CD Playtime: 62 min


Tracklist :

1. Taala Norgus


2. Sout El Tabla


3. Bent Balady


4. Moug El Nile


5. Hewar


6. Katwat-Suraya


7. Katwat


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